Industry Links

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
The official website for the CDC, complete with news, resources, data, statistics, and outbreak notifications.
Health Care News
A resource for regional healthcare news and information.
A resource operated by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion for sharing information and helping to educate the general public on national health.
HME News
Business news for home medical equipment providers with articles, webcasts, videos, and more.
Hospital Newspaper
A resource for healthcare news and information.
Medical News Today
A leading health care internet publication owned and operated by MediLexicon International Ltd.
A resource and sharing network for users of medical equipment.
TechNation Magazine
The website for the TechNation monthly magazine serving as a resource for thousands of medical equipment service professionals.
The official site for Vendormate, a GHX company which helps to connect healthcare providers and vendor companies.
A site with health information, tools for managing personal health, and support for information seekers.

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