Frequently Asked Questions


Company FAQ's

What are your hours of operation?

Can I order by email or by fax?

Do you have an order minimum?

Do you coordinate with Medicaid or any Insurance carriers for products purchased?

What will the shipping and handling charges be for my order?

Can ALCO ship Third Party using my UPS or FedEx Account?

Will ALCO ship internationally?

Do you offer repair services in my area?

What is an RMA, and how do I process a return request?

How can I obtain a copy of your catalog?

Does ALCO have a privacy policy?

Website FAQ's

How do I obtain a login and password so I can place orders online?

How do I change my online password?

Does ALCO offer products other than what is shown on the website or catalogs?

Why would I be contacted for credit card information after placing my online order?

Why does my online order show TBD for shipping and handling charges?

Product FAQ's

What does it mean if an item is labeled as a "bariatric product"?

What are OEM products?

Where is the serial number located on my product? How is it formatted?

When ordering wheelchair parts, how is right and left determined?

How can I find the proper upholstery for my wheelchair?

How do I properly install tires on my wheelchair?

What is the difference between locking and non-locking call cords?

How do I choose the proper caster or wheel for my application?

How do I order Cubicle Curtain tracking?

How do I program the Clean Remote®?

Where can I find Material Handling items such as platform trucks, hand trucks, shelving and more?

Where can I find Home Health items such as CPAPS, nebulizers, lift chairs and more?

I would like to create a custom sign but not sure where to locate this on your website.

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