Repair of Joerns Model 660 Series Bed Printed Circuit Board.

It's Easy to use the ALCO Repair Sevice:

1) Call your ALCO Customer Service Representative at (800) 323-4282 and request a repair authorization (RA) number.

2) Include a card or sheet of paper with the equipment to be repaired listing the following information:

  • Name & phone number of contact person at your facility
  • Purchase order #, (required before the repair can be completed)
  • Return address (street address, not P.O. box)
  • Desired method of return shipping
  • RA number received from ALCO
  • Special instructions, if any

3) Write your assigned RA number on outside of shipping box.

4) Ship to ALCO Sales, 6851 High Grove Blvd., Burr Ridge, IL. 60527

Our Circuit Board repair service comes with a 90 day warranty. If you feel the repaired unit is not functioning correctly within 90 days of the receipt date, call our Customer Service department to discuss sending the unit in for warranty evaluation.

NOTE: A service fee may be charged for any unit coming in under warranty evaluation if it is determined that the unit has been damaged or tampered with.

Call our Customer Service Department at (800) 323-4282 if you have any questions.

  • Item #: AL-48646R

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