SaniGuard Antimicrobial Products

SANIGUARD® antimicrobial product protection is a proven, cost-effective treatment that is permanently built-in to OEM products and utilizes a silver-ion based technology to inhibit the growth of common bacteria, molds and fungi that cause odors, staining and product deterioration for the useful life of the product. SANIGUARD treated products are listed by NSF under Standards 2, 51 and 61, and meet the standard ASTM specifications for powder coating.

Please note that the SANIGUARD treatment is designed to protect the product itself from microbial growth. It is not a substitute for good hygiene and cleaning practices and will not protect users or others against food-borne illness or disease. SANIGUARD treated products are widely accepted by assisted-living and healthcare professionals in both the USA and Canada. ALCO, in partnership with CHG, continually conducts extensive third-party research and evidence-based testing of SANIGUARD antimicrobial product protection against various microorganisms and ALCO can furnish the documented results to support its efficacy claims.

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