The roller bearing is capable of carrying a greater load than the same size diameter ball bearing.Recommended for maximum rolling ease with no maintenance lubrication required. This quiet operating bearing is for medium duty to heavy duty loads.This bearing is for applications where maximum rolling ease and quiet operation are needed. Best suited for light to medium duty loads.These bearings are impact resistant and best for high speed and high load weight applications.Nylon is a strong, stiff engineering plastic with outstanding wear properties. Other benefits include a reduction in part weight, less operating noise, and decreased wear on mating parts.This bearing is perfect when excellent rolling ease and quiet operation are required for your application. No maintenance grease required. Metallic component with high porosity, impregnated in a lubricant oil. The oil contained in the porosity provides a constant lubrication between bearing and shaft, so the system does not need any additional external lubricant.Extremely durable under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. Corrosion resistant.Plain bearings provide a metal sleeve inserted in a wheel to rest directly on the axle. This option is only recommended when rolling ease is less critical. Bearing Type
Bed Casters by Manufacturer
Brake is automatically engaged when weight is applied.Brake lever located on the side of the caster.Locks the wheel and swivel mechanism simultaneously.Brake lever located at the top of the caster.Operated with a master brake pedal, allowing multiple casters to be locked at once.Locks the swivel mechanism in place.Brake is automatically engaged when no weight is applied. Brake Option
Caster Type
Load Height
Load Rating
Mount Type
Specialty Casters
Stretcher Casters
Tread Width
Wheel Diameter
Soft cushion ride with a non-marking tread. Meets the requirements of federal specification FF-C-88C.Easy, quiet rolling. Impact resistant. Floor protective. Rejects debris for long serivce life.Performa wheels offer the advantages of both hard and soft tread. Like a hard tread wheel, it rolls easily and is very durable. Like a soft tread wheel, it rolls quietly, protects floors and resists impacts with a cushioned ride.Semi-Pneumatic wheels have a pneumatic look and feel, without the maintenance and risk of flat tires. Capable of absorbing shock, these will roll over obstacles, thresholds, and uneven surfaces with ease.Made of reinforced rubber and filled with compressed air. Capable of absorbing shock, these will roll over obstacles, thresholds, and uneven surfaces with ease.This wheel should be specified when excessive load weights are involved and floor protection is not a factor. Its high strength withstands sharp impacts. Cast Iron wheels should not be used if noise is of major concern or if loads are fragile.Lightweight, resistant to many chemicals. Spherical design.Vipor wheels are made from a specialized material which provides excellent abrasion resistance with a very high-tech look. They are resistant to chemicals and oils.Polyurethane tread is bonded to a polyolefin core. This is a very attractive, all-purpose wheel. Resistant to most chemicals.Shock-absorbing, cushioned ride. Provides good floor protection and quiet operation. Resistant to many chemicals.Quieter operation than steel or aluminum. Provides superior floor protection and resists hard impacts, most chemicals and steam. Durable, economical choice for lightweight applications.Soft rubber. Resists degradation. Used in many applications. Spherical design.Provides ultimate floor protection. Rejects debris and offers smooth, quiet mobility. Will not flat spot.Well suited for exposure to high temperatures.Soft rubber. Resists degradation. Used in many applications.Designed for hard impacts and heavy loads. Lightweight, resistant to many chemicals.Protects floors from scuffing. Spherical design.Provides added floor protection compared to nylon. Wheel Material

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